BoardMember Message


Mr. Premkumar Dhayalan

BoardMember, Navalur

Education is a three way dynamics. Quality faculty, excellent infrastructure and comprehensive educational programming delivers the best for every child. This is the vision and mantra of MLZS Navalur, OMR, Chennai and this will be involving the students, their families and the school working in unison.

I invite you to explore our website and discover the wealth of experience we offer. Students evolve into passionate lifelong learners and graduate with bountiful opportunities from our school. The school sets out to impart quality education that meets international standards and ensures holistic development of children. We believe in creating and nurturing a truly holistic educational environment which respects our cultural diversity and gives students ample wind under their wings to help them take flight and soar high in their professional and personal lives.

Curriculum design and assessments are in toe with CBSE learner attributes. We continue to relentlessly work towards developing and guiding experiential learning methodology for imparting knowledge, values and skills which are mandatory to excel in a rapidly changing world. We will strive to create confident and responsible world citizens and achievers.

We are committed to the philosophy that every student must get the window opening to realize her or his maximum potential by exploring dimensions of excellence. The curriculum   meets all the requirements of an expansive learning programme. Over the past decade, we have garnered a strong reputation to become one of the best schools in OMR , thanks to the firm leadership and dedication of my brother chairman Capt. Gopinath Dhayalan.

We nurture in our students an educational development relevant to the challenges of the 21st Century and will prepare them for acceptance to finest colleges in the world. Students will have an urge to excel and that urge will come from within. We motivate the students to reach to this level and that is how our students become lifelong self-inspired achievers and this is what sets us apart and unique.