Principal Message

MLZ-Navalur - Principal
MLZS Center Manager MLZS
Welcome to MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL! A school with a unique platform where curiosity, experience and experiment take precedence over classroom teaching and learning. Education today is more than knowledge and facts. Attributes like curiosity, empathy, learning skills and risk-taking play a significant role in helping shape a fulfilling life for individuals.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” —Albert Einstein

Keeping this in mind, MLZS has laid a platform to adopt a multidimensional approach to curriculum which ensures that students go beyond textbooks and classroom teaching to explore and create new knowledge. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers are committed to helping the students stretch their limits to realize their potential.

Our teachers are exemplary learners who add on new skills at regular intervals to ensure that they stay ahead of the game to support the ever-advanced learners of today!

ZEE Education Philosophy places the student at the center of everything that happens in the school. The curriculum, the resources, the activities, the events, after school sports activities all are focused on student and enabling him or her to identify their strengths and areas for improvements in developing the inner hidden talents.

Our infrastructure supports our education philosophy at every step of the way. Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, laboratories, Creya lab, libraries, performing art studios and sports fields, all offer opportunities for students to experience schooling in a broader sense. Continuous improvements through MLZS Champs programme pave the way for achievers in sports and co scholastic activities.

MLZS has everything that a great a school can wish for to support its Vision and Mission – excellent infrastructure, visionary management, committed faculty, supportive parent base and eager learners which propels it to immeasurable glory year after year.